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Lanolin Breastfeeding Ointment​

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Research shows that one of the leading reasons for mother to stop breastfeeding in the initial weeks after labor is pain caused by sore and cracked nipples.
Mommy Care's Lanolin Breastfeeding Ointment is made with pure and higly purified Lanolin and can assist in relieving irritation caused by cracked nipples.
Usage Instructions: Apply generously to sore or cracked nipples directly after each feeding. It is recommended to apply Lanolin before a shower to protect the nipples from the drying effect of the water.
Does not need to be removed before breastfeeding. For ideal results, start applying a small amount of Lanolin to the nipples twice daily 2 weeks before birth.
​Petrochemicals free
Paraben free
Phthalates free
Fragrance free
Ingredients: Lanolin
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