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The Basic Rules for Protecting Baby's Skin This Winter

So its here, the season to be Merry, but also, dry...Yes winter is a difficult season to take care of our skin, not to mention baby's skin which is significanly more delicate and sensitive than our own. It starts with the fact that winter air is basically much drier than other seasons. but there are a couple of additional reasons why it is harsher on skin:

1. We spend most of our time in heated areas which are significanly drier than the outside air

2. Constant winds are quite harmful for our skin, and our face which cannot be completely covered when outside is exposed to the harsh winter winds.

The result is dry skin, chapped hands, red and irritated cheeks, rough and itchy skin patches around skin folds and the list goes on.

So here are some basic do and don't for the day today preventative routine- to help maintain baby's natural skin moisture:

1. Bath using natural or organic soaps only - these do not contain the irritant SLS which can cause redness and dryness to skin and make skin condition worse

2. Limit bath time to a few minutes if possible- long baths in warm water can dry skin even further

3. gently pat skin dry after bath - do not rub - to preserve as much humidity as possible

4. Use a natural bath oil in baby's tub - bath oil helps boost skin's natural moisture and can sooth away irritation. Make sure the bath oil you use doesn't contain mineral oils, harsh chemicals like Propylene Glycol, or allergenic oils.

5. Dont overheat the bath room or baby's nursery to avoid over drying the room

6. Humidifiers can help- but make sure to use only cold vapor humidifiers which are safer when placed in the baby's room.

7. Before going outdoors in harsh weather ensure to apply some barrier cream like Mommy Care Wind and Cold Protective Balm. The barrier cream helps prevent moisture loss from facial skin which cannot be covered against the wind and protect against harsh winds.

8. Apply a gently facial cream after bathtime and before bed time to help sooth redness or irritation

9. If your child suffers from redness around the lips from constant licking or drooling, apply a small amount of wind a cold balm to the area before bed time, the irritation should go away by morning!

10. If your child suffers from hard, cracked, itchy skin around skin folds, apply our daily body lotion, or the wind and cold balm generously to the area after bath time, or before bedtime everyday for 3-4 days and you'll see this go away as well.

Remember to bundle up before leaving the house and not to overdress baby in heated spaces, and enjoy some quality indoor time - an ideal chance for cuddling and bonding!

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